Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Summer update - travelling piano tunings, advice and more

Can't quite believe it's summer and has been so long since my last update! Apologies - the running of the businesses here tend to take precedent over communications sometimes!

We're enjoying the light evenings and Bill has lots of tuning appointments - lately he's found there's a high demand from areas as far afield as Wiltshire, Hampshire and Surrey, so he's beginning to arrange visits to these areas in blocks of 1 or 2 days at a time. If you're not local but would like to be added to his 'long distance' tuning list, then please feel free to get in touch:

As well as several piano repairs for private and trade clients, Bill has been undertaking quite a bit of French polishing and restoration on other pieces. Most recently, a large mahogany dining table and a beautiful antique sideboard.

We've also noticed that a considerable number of enquiries are coming in relating to the purchase of second hand pianos privately - often from an online auction or networking site. While there are bargains to be had, this can be a minefield for the unwary; plenty of these pianos are barely in working order and may require extensive and costly work to render them suitable for continued use.

This kind of small modern upright piano is frequently found for sale and can be perfect for many modern homes
Most of us wouldn't dream of buying a secondhand car privately without having an expert, whether a local mechanic or a motoring body, to check it over for us first. Pianos are no different! If you're thinking of buying an instrument from any private source, however reputable, why not ask Bill to take a look and report back to you first? Private sellers are rarely aware of any internal issues with pianos as long as all the notes play, so very often problems can arise from lack of specialist knowledge once the piano has been purchased and transported to its new home. Even a basic student piano can be a big investment, so it's well worth having someone with Bill's encyclopaedic knowledge of pianos and their parts on your side.

Prices start at £50 for local visits - further afield, he may well be able to tie in with other appointments in the area to keep additional costs to a minimum.

Another service Bill offers is the sourcing of appropriate pianos for private clients. There is a regular specialist piano auction in London and he is always happy to attend on behalf of, or alongside, clients to provide an expert eye in what can be a challenging environment. Equally, with contacts throughout the UK in the piano industry, if you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch - Bill may well be aware of your perfect piano for sale through one of his contacts.

Finally, anyone considering a holiday in the West Country, please do have a look at our website for Luggs Barn - We have some great offers on last minute breaks in June and still some availability later in the summer.

Luggs Barn sleeps 8 (+cots) in comfort, with glorious views, stylish accommodation and a huge private garden.
The ideal base for a get together with friends or family and from which to explore the numerous coastal
and countryside attractions Devon has to offer