Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ebay - making some space!

With Spring in the air, it's time to do a bit of a Spring clean in the workshop. Well, make a bit of space anyway! I might leave the actual cleaning for now...With 9 grand pianos in the workshop as well as clients' pianos in for repair, it's time to move a few on.

I've listed four grand pianos on eBay to upload this evening, all featured on my website and some are heavily reduced!

The Steinway Model O grand - what an amazing piano, but it's going to be a while before I have time to do all the work for a full restoration. It's already a lovely instrument and plays really well - my wife has been teaching on it for a year! So if someone would like it, I can either do a full restoration as planned when my workshop schedule allows, (price then will be around £18,000), or it'll play beautifully for them just as it is. I'm asking £12,500 for that one as it is, including FREE UK wide delivery.

BBC Maida Vale Bluthner - another incredible piano with a fabulous provenance. So many famous hands have played and recorded on this gorgeous rosewood piano. £12,500, again with FREE UK delivery.

Bechstein Model A grand - ebonised case. For those in the know, please rest assured that the frame is definitely intact with no cracks! Another lovely piano. £5,000 as is or again, can be fully restored if buyer wishes, at additional cost. A bargain for someone as it plays nicely already and FREE UK delivery.

Tiny baby grand - this is so cute and a really unusual shape. It's a 6 octave Barratt and Robinson from the late 1950s and its retro/mid century design would look amazing in any home, especially a modern space. The lid can be hinged to the left or right which is very unusual and of course makes it extremely versatile. It's small enough to tuck under the stairs - the lid is a D shape rather than the usual traditional curve. This piano plays surprisingly well, in fact better than most 1930s baby grands I've come across over the years. £2000 including a repolish for the case and FREE UK delivery.

Check out pianoredwood73 on eBay and you'll see these listings. I'll also put a note on my Facebook page so please spread the word and help me make a bit of space in my workshop! I'm not allowed to build an extension on it just yet... ;)

Workshop space is more limited every month...we're moving a few pianos on!