Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Latest upright piano for sale

NEWSFLASH: The Bechstein grand advertised previously on this blog is now sold.

Elegant and compact, this upright piano would grace any interior

Neat banding detail adds interest without interrupting the neat styling

A neat 1930s English upright

The latest restored piano from W Young Pianos

The latest upright piano for sale from W Young Piano Restoration is this pretty and compact Monington & Weston.

Overstrung and underdamped with double iron frame in a mahogany case with banding detail, this is an ideal student piano, suitable for up to Grade 8 and beyond. Made in Britain originally for export to the tropics, the double iron frame ensures optimum tuning stability which is still highly desirable in the changeable English climate.

With its clean styling, this charming reconditioned 1930s English piano is perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors.