Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Winter update

Another year has flown by - we have been lucky enough to work on numerous top quality pianos as well as other pieces of furniture, and the diary is packed for the next few months as always. We'll post more updates when we can, but in the meantime take a look at some of the wide range of work that has passed through the workshop during the past year!

This antique footstool needed repairs to the legs and was then reupholstered

Beginning to reveneer a damaged toe on an old upright

This piano had a water marked lid and the case had faded in sunlight and needed repairs and repolishing

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The finished piano back in its beautiful home overlooking the sea in Sidmouth

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This old Boyd upright came in part exchange from another sale and has now found a new home

Bluthner grand, stripped and dismantled for restoration

There was significant damage to the case which was repaired before polishing

Original legs for the Bluthner grand piano, repolished and ready to be fitted

Temporary legs were fitted while the originals were being repolished

Ready for another 150 years of service!

This turnbuckle (to lock the lid of a grand piano when closed) was missing half of its shape but Bill repaired it, carving the repair so that once repolished (see below), it looked perfect.

The client was delighted not to have to discard this original part of their piano

The finished piano has pride of place once more in an exclusive school on the Dorset coast
After restoration - the finial on this clock case had been damaged

Water damage was sustained when this piano was stored on its side and the room flooded

After restoration

Gors & Kallmann grand piano

Beautiful original brasswork on the Gors & Kallmann

The beautiful original fretwork music desk

1930s English grand piano during restoration

Schiedmayer grand piano

Grand piano actions awaiting repair

A new bridge had to be made and fitted

Removing the dampers from the Schiedmayer

Removing old loose wrest pins (Schiedmayer)

Significant repairs to the soundboard were needed here